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Dollar Power

This isn’t a post about the economy and financial situations, but rather a post about a local dollar store I visited called Dollar Power. Although, in the spirit of economic and financial situations, it was about a year ago that the Canadian dollar matched the American dollar.

The Dollar Power store is one of the smaller stores and I only happened onto it by chance.

The Dollar Power StoreIt was haircut time so I went to my usual place in the southern part of the city, which happens to have a Buck or Two store in the same plaza. After my haircut, I usually stop into the Buck or Two store to see if they got anything new for me to rip on. It was all the usual stuff, nothing new and nothing I wanted to pick up when I have several other dollar store toys at home I could actually get around to doing, so I left.

As I made a right out of the plaza, heading toward a major intersection, there was a car accident complete with police cars and other emergency vehicles. I didn’t want to end up at the intersection whether it was blocked or not and I had only a few moments before it was too late. There was one more turn into the plaza on the other side of the street and I quickly made a left into it in order to take a different route home.

As I was driving along the stores to the other exit of the plaza, there it was, Dollar Power. I just had to stop to see what they had since I probably wouldn’t have stopped by there again.

It was a typical smaller store. About three cramped aisles and much of the usual stuff. I found the toy wall and after some time spent decided, I picked up a few new “interesting” items. I got items for the action figure category, gadgets category and the artillery category. They haven’t been posted yet, but soon, very soon.

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