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Dollar Zone Discount Store

Dollar Zone is a discount store that opened up recently where the SM Discount and Dollar Store used to be. I can’t remember how many things I actually got at the SM Discount store, but I think it was only one Star Wars: The Phantom Menace item I am saving for a special occasion.

The logo on the building has the same green background and yellow letter coloring as Dollarama. I went into the Dollar Zone store and the layout seemed to be the same as the SM Discount and Dollar Store layout so they could have just closed down and changed the name.

I only had a few minutes to look around, since I was getting pizza from a place in the plaza, and I didn’t really find anything unique, stupid or just plain funny so I left empty handed. There is always that hope of finding something really funny at the smaller stores, but not this time.

The only thing of note worth mentioning, that I find funny, is in regards to some of the merchandise on the shelves for sale. They had stickers from Buck or Two stores on them. It is one thing for dollar stores to sell toys that weren’t sold at normal stores so they ship them to dollar stores, but it’s another thing for dollar stores to be selling other dollar store merchandise with the stickers from the other dollar store still on them.

I was too lazy to take a picture of the store so you will just have to imagine it in all its glory.

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