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Save A Cent Discount Supermarket In GTA 5

I got Grand Theft Auto 5 a couple weekends ago and as I was walking down one of the streets exploring, that’s right walking not driving since I was trying to increase my stamina, I came across a Save-a-Cent discount supermarket store. It is basically the GTA version of a dollar store.

The signs on the side of the building say they have a “special price on all items” and that “for every dollar you spend, we refund you 1 cent guaranteed”. It is a supermarket so they have cheap and tasty things like fruit, seafood, meat and veg. At Save-a-Cent, you spend more and save less, which is the opposite of what you actually want. It is one of the little jokes they throw into the game.

The one I found is located on Vespucci Blvd in Little Seoul next to the Lucky Plucker restaurant that is opening soon, but other known locations include Westminster at the corner of Galveston and Jade and in Fishmarket North at the corner of Albany and Feldspar. I haven’t even found those areas yet.

You can’t enter the stores at all so they are just to look at and get a chuckle out of them. Now I am wondering if they had anything like that in GTA 4 since that one had a large area to explore.

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