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Dart Bow And Arrow Set

Bow and Arrow TargetHere is a dart firing weapon that isn’t a gun! It’s a bow and arrow set with suction cupped arrows, so if archery is your bag and you’re too young, or lack the maturity required, to handle a real bow and arrow, this could be right up your alley. I found this at Dollarama and it was only a dollar, which is always a bonus considering the size of the bow and arrows.

Bow and ArrowThe bow with dart arrows includes the bow and three suction cup tipped arrows. The package itself has two cut-out targets you can use for target practice.

The Bow

The bow is pretty sturdy for a dollar store toy and the string is not elastic, but does stretch for the force necessary to propel the arrow. It’s also over a foot tall, not one of those mini ones. There’s also a hole right in the middle of the bow for the arrow to slide through(see below) so you can fire toward the center. I have seen other bow and arrows that rest to one side of the bow, requiring some practice with angle shots.

The Arrows

The body of the arrows are made with hollow plastic with a usual suction cup on one side and the the back is c-shaped allowing it to help stabilize the arrow without having to pinch both the arrow and string for stability(see below). Each arrow is over a foot long and almost as long as the bow itself.

There’s a hole for center aiming The back of the arrow fits the string
The hole allows for a centered shot and the c-shaped back of the arrow adds stability for an easier grip. Nice additions.

You also get a couple of targets to cut or punch out of the cardboard backing. They are perforated, but if you aren’t careful you can rip them so it’s better to cut them out. You get the usual archery colored ring target and you also get a dart board numbered target. I suppose you can play archery darts.

The targets for shooting

Like the other dart firing weapons, this one actually will stick to things. The targets should be properly fixed to something in order for them to stick. I’m talking glued to something hard, not just hanging from a string.

Imagination Time

You get yourself a nice dollar store bow and arrow set, who will you pretend to be?

Here are some ideas in case television has ruined your imagination like the experts say, or maybe television gave you ideas.

Who else used a bow and arrow regularily?

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