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Seized Toy Guns To Be Destroyed

Over 4,000 projectile firing toy guns were found during an inspection of a Melbourne importer. Toys guns were banned in Victoria back in 2002 due to the risk of blindness and other injuries to children. These toy guns are said to be destroyed. The company is probably only out about $4,000 for the 4,000 guns, har har.

The Melbourne importer, Mr Jia Hao Huang, has admitted to bringing toy guns into Victoria and has pleaded guilty to charges of breaching the fair trade act. Since the ban, beginning in 2002, over 18,000 toy guns have been confiscated.

It’s odd to think that toy guns would be banned just because of what could happen. I’m all for safety, but you’d think the parents wouldn’t get their kids anything like that if they didn’t think their kids were responsible enough not to shoot their eye out.

In addition to that, drinking could cause accidents and smoking can cause diseases. What about banning those and other products that could do damage or kill people?

I guess it’s the whole “kids don’t know any better” deal. I doubt alcohol and smokes would ever be banned because the people who are allowed to drink and smoke should know better.

Read the story here.

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