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Mega Bloks Making Warcraft And StarCraft Sets

Fans of Mega Bloks can now look forward to some new sets to play with in the form of Blizzard based game sets. Blizzard has set up a licensing agreement with Mega Bloks to create themed Mega Bloks sets based on their most popular games Warcraft and StarCraft.

Blizzard is very careful on who they allow to create merchandise based on games so this should be a very big thing for Mega Bloks so hopefully they don’t blow this opportunity.

It confuses me a little bit because Mega Bloks are something you have to assemble and depending on the complexity of the set, it could take a while. That time could be spent playing their games.

Then again, maybe that is meant to counter all the issues with people playing their games too much. Something to get you away from the computer or gaming console to make toys based on the people, places and things you see in their games. But could fans of the game pull themselves away to make/play with those toys. Oh the dilemma.

I also wonder why they picked Mega Bloks over Legos. Legos seem to have more experience making sets based on popular franchise, such as Star Wars, and Legos seem to be more of a collector type item to have over Mega Bloks. If some guy told me he collected Lego sets I wouldn’t give it a second thought however if a guy told me he collected Mega Bloks sets, that would sound a little weird to me.

The sets are supposed to be released in the summer of 2010, but there is no mention on what these sets might consist of specifically.

Mathew McCurley has some ideas for potential sets listed here along with more information about the Warcraft and StarCraft Mega Bloks sets. I never played the games so I don’t know the references, but you might.

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