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Man Calls 911 For Toy Helicopter Crash

It was an embarrassing day for a motorist on the Interstate 526 bridge that crosses the Wando River. He witnessed a helicopter smoking and plunge toward the water below. The only problem was it wasn’t real, it was a toy helicopter.

After rescue crews made it to the scene, one of the police officers on site noticed it was only two feet long and thus, no one needing rescuing. Two people under the bridge were flying the helicopter and nothing was mentioned as to why they were flying there. It could have been innocent or it could have been a prank.

Although not specified what toy helicopter it was, you can rule out this recalled toy helicopter since its only 7 inches long.

It’s easy to pick on the guy for not noticing it was a toy, but you never know. If you only got a quick glance of it, you might not notice it was a toy. Looking at the sky with nothing to compare distance with, it could have been real and farther away.

Had it been real and he hesitated, people could have died. You never know if you would spot a toy or not in the same situation. It’s like playing game shows at home. It’s easy to yell out the answer in your own living room. It’s completely different when you have millions of people watching

For the details, read the full Post and Courier article here.

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