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People Upset About New Lego Toys For Girls

Ok, so the makers of Lego have decided to come out with a new line of Lego toys for girls called Lego Friends. They have all those other sets like Star Wars, tanks and whatever so it seems to make sense to make something that girls might be interested in, if they aren’t interested in the ones that are already out.

This is apparently causing some issues with some people who feel that these new sets are implying that Lego toys haven’t really been for girls before and I don’t think it should be taken that way. One of my cousins, a girl, had a ton of Lego toys including a medieval castle set 20 years ago and it was never a problem.

One of the complaints was that the toys were bright pink which I don’t really see as a problem. Some girls like pink, like my nieces, and just because an adult is going to view that badly, doesn’t mean little girls are going to notice or even care. One of the reasons lead paint was used in toys was because it gave the toys a shiny look that got a kids attention.

Pink is just a color used to get a little girls attention and it has been for a long time. It seems like this is being viewed as something to imply views of the past, but it’s just a color that is generally viewed as being a girl color and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. My cousin had a non-girl set and maybe that is what she wanted and maybe not. All I remember was that being kids, it didn’t matter. That was the toy we had to play with.

I’m sure there are girls out there who like Star Wars and the other Lego sets that would be typically viewed as a toy for boys, but perhaps not all girls wanting a Lego set would welcome tank set 42 or a Lego X-wing. In that case, there are these new Lego sets as an option for girls who might like something like this.

I think what it comes down to most if you don’t like the Lego sets then don’t buy them. If your girl likes the other sets then pass over these new girl ones and get a different one. A funny thing about products is that when they don’t sell, the companies stop making them and they go away. Also, all making complaints about a product does it bring attention to it and that might end up having the opposite effect.

So what do you think? Is this something that is being blown out of proportion or has Lego really done something stupid?

Something else before I go. Sorry for the LONG delay in posting, but two jobs and full time school really take a lot of time and energy out of a person. The site is still around and I am trying to update more frequently.

Thanks to all the people who are still around awaiting for new stuff to be posted.

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