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Other Companies Paying A Civil Penalty

For the past couple weeks I have been posting about several toy makers and toy distributors who have been fined a civil penalty over making or selling toys found to have safety issues.

Family Dollar Inc was the big name in a recent report that said nine companies were being fined, but only Family Dollar Inc was mentioned. In a follow up to that story, the other eight companies are now listed with their fines.

I had originally thought that Family Dollar Inc was the big name because they were either the biggest name in the group or it had the largest fine of the nine, but they don’t have the biggest fine and it could be argued they aren’t the biggest name in the group.

Dollar General and Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc both have a $100,000 fine, $25,000 above the Family Dollar Inc fine.

Hobby Lobby Stores and First Learning Company Ltd have to pay $50,000 fines, Michaels Stores Inc has a $45,000 fine, A & A Global Industries Inc and Raymond Geddes & Co were both fined $40,000 and Downeast Concepts Inc had the lowest of them all with only $30,000.

This probably won’t be the last of civil penalties for toy companies and toy distributors who made or sold bad toys.

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