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Bricks Set Lego 9039

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9039 PartsThis is the Bricks Set Lego 9039 pack, the last in this set of three. I only have one from the 904x series so I won’t bother doing an in-depth set of posts for those, until I can find the other entire set.

The Bricks Set 9037 was an excavator, the Bricks Set 9038 was a motorcycle and the 9038 is a jeep/ATV/tank thing. It kind of looks like an ATV, but the wheel on the back reminds me of a jeep and then there are cannons on it so whatever.

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9039 InstructionsThe package says the 9039 comes with only 37 pieces, the lowest count in the 903x series. The 9037 says 46 pieces but ended up with 47 and the 9038 is supposed to come with 42 pieces, but there were only 40.

The 9039 actually has more then the 9038 with 42 pieces so I don’t know where they are getting there piece counts because it isn’t from counting the pieces in the packs.

It also comes with real wheels like the 9037 excavator has. The 9038 has wheels made of Lego for some reason and it doesn’t roll.

I guess the odd ones have real wheels and the even ones have wheels made of Legos.

Like the others, the 9039 drags out the building into a nine step process and when you’re done, you have your ATV/jeep/tank thing. There aren’t any issues with the instructions like there were with the 9037.

Here’s how it looks when it’s built with a front, side and back view.

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9039 Built Front View

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9039 Built Side View

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9039 Built Rear View

Next up will be trying to build Bricksetron with those three sets without the benefit of any instructions. They never put in the instructions to build it. They just show it’s there.

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