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I Am Iron Storm

Well, I had intended on posting more things while I was on vacation last week, but that didn’t happen.

I thought it was time to post another cheap action figure toy I picked up at the Dollar Power discount store, the same place I got the Harry Potter knock off Little Wizard, and I thought this one would be a good return to the action figures.

When I first saw this toy, I immediately thought it was an Iron Man knock off, but at a closer look I started to have my doubts. I mean, it’s got a gold face and the weapons weren’t exactly standard Iron Man issue. The gold on the elbows and thighs wasn’t really what I remember Iron Man having, but I was looking more for the comic version.

If you check out the movie Iron Man, you can see many of the markings are in the same spot. Even if they are altered, but then again, that’s what the knock offs do. Like, what’s with the skull face thing on the chest?

 The Iron Storm Action Figure
The Iron Storm figure is slightly shorter than the City Nimrods

This action figure has a little more “action” to it compared to the City Nimrods and the Super Hero Batman. The Iron Storm figure has bending elbows and legs, in addition to the rotating head and arms the Nimrods and Batman both have.

Iron Storm Action Figure Adjustable Elbows The Iron Storm Can Sit Down
Iron Storm can bend his elbows and sit down, Nimrod can’t

The figure doesn’t stand too well. I’m surprised I was able to get it standing upright for the side view shot. The front view pictures have him leaning against the wall to stay up. He also has a hole in the left side of his body that fits things slim things into it. For example, the throwing star blade fits inside, so he can get some battle damage.

Iron Storm's Weapons
Throwing Star DesignIron Storm comes with some weapons which is a nice bonus. Several throwing stars and some form of handheld scythe weapon with spiked knuckles for punching while holding.

If you look closely, the throwing stars have the Yin-Yang Symbol on them which you can see much better since taking the picture with a flash.

The weapons only fit well in the right hand, the left hand is too open to hold the throwing stars and the scythe thing is too loose within the hand. It’s not to say the throwing stars fit well in the right hand, but I was able to keep them in there long enough to take a shot.

Holding the Throwing Star Holding the Hand Weapon

One thing the Iron Storm doesn’t have is one of those lame chest lights that make no sense. The only toy where the chest light might have made sense since it would fit with the Iron Man costume.

Oddly enough though, there’s a place to put batteries in the back, but there’s nothing to turn on. The package has a picture of a toy with a button where a belt buckle should be, similar to the Nimrod button, so maybe another variation has something this one doesn’t.

Iron Storm's Back
Battery compartment, but nothing that would use batteries included

All in all, it’s a decent action figure. If you have a great imagination, you can pretend it’s really that Iron Man action figure you’ve always wanted.

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