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Dollar Tree Sold Bootleg American Flags

It’s one thing to get a bootleg Optimus Prime action figure where the head comes off instead of transforms or a bootleg Spiderman action figure with different name and a light installed in his chest, those are the cheap toy knock offs you’d expect to see at a dollar or discount store, but it’s another to get a bootleg of something meant to be patriotic.

Tim Childress got a plastic American flag at a Dollar Tree dollar store in Dallas, but was surprised to find out there was something slightly wrong with his Old Glory purchase. Instead of the standard 50 stars you expect to find on the real flag, there were a total of 61 stars.

The flag was imported from China by a company in Virginia. Seeing as how they made their way to Texas from Virginia, it probably means other stores may have them. If they haven’t seen that report and already pulled them from shelves to save some embarrassment.

The manager said off camera from the news report that it’s a “patriotic banner” and not an American flag. You aren’t being patriotic if you’re sporting an incorrect American flag.

I think it’s a little lame that they would be importing something of this much importance from China though. At least make them in the USA. A while back, here in Canada, there were pairs of Canadian flag underwear in beer cases used for Canada Day. That all sounded good until people noticed they were made in a country other than Canada like Mexico or possibly even China.

If anyone knows what I am talking about with the Canada Day thing and I am wrong about any or all of it, please comment.

Have we really gotten so bad that we need to outsource manufacturing items about our country to other countries just to save some money? Do yourself a favor, if you plan on getting an American flag this July 4th, make sure it’s the proper flag before you buy it.

For the entire story/news report video online, go here. For added amusement, or eye rolling, see what conversation starts in the comment section by a seemingly innocent fail.

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