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T-Mobile Wins Lawsuit VS Dollar Store

It’s not something you might expect in terms of copyright infringement or similar issue, as usual for a dollar store, but rather a violation of the trademark law.

A recent ruling posted at states T-Mobile won its case against Sam’s One Dollar Store for selling modified T-Mobile phones. The phones were deprogrammed and could be used outside T-Mobile’s wireless network, making it an unauthorized use of the phone.

Since the owners of the Sam’s Dollar Store, Noushad Mian and Shazia Noushad Mian, didn’t show up in court, T-Mobile asked for default judgment and they were awarded $25,000 by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor. The dollar store owners didn’t fight the charge so it was deemed reasonable.

I never would have thought a dollar store would be selling real phones, but they weren’t allowed to. You’d also think they’d want to avoid such issues because they probably aren’t making a fortune despite increased sales at dollar stores.

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