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Should Fast Food Toys Be Banned

It was always a treat when you were taken out to a fast food place by your parents. You would get the kids meal and sometimes they would come with the toy. You got the adventure of eating out and souvenir to take home with you. Sometimes they would have a set of toys to collect and it would be frustrating when you would go with a couple siblings and you all ended up with the same toy instead of different ones. I remember when they had Gobots as a toy one time and we all got Leader 1.

A prosecutor from Brazil wants to have toys included in kids meals, dollar store toys younger sibling, banned since they are obvious marketing ploy by the fast food chains to bring in customers. On the surface it sounds like someone just trying to ruin things for kids, but really, it’s someone thinking of the children.

The argument is that fast food is part of the obesity problem, since the food has little to no nutritional value, and kids want the toys included in those meals. That makes for a pretty good argument to have that stopped. I think one of the big chains had Transformer toys included when it came out and one big chain will most likely include a toy related to the new Transformers 2 and GIJoe movies coming out soon.

Although a sound argument, it might not pass since it will open the door to other products with toy inclusions that offer no nutritional value, for example cereal.

Cereal is one of the most well-known products that will have toys included to boost sales, but while the occasional box of Corn Flakes might have a toy, so will Fruit Loops and other various cereals with high sugar content. One could make the same argument with that and perhaps Kinder Surprise, the chocolate egg with a toy inside.

You won’t be able to get a toy inside anything that isn’t jammed into a vegetable by the time they are done!

If toys are banned from fast food, other products with toys will most likely follow, but I don’t see that happening. If it does, the prosecutor is in Brazil and it will probably only affect kids in Brazil.

Do you think toys should be banned from kid’s meals at fast food restaurants or is that just another scapegoat in the fight against obesity?

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2 Responses to “Should Fast Food Toys Be Banned”

  1. ace says:

    This is just stupid. Banning toys from fast food is not going to stop bad eating habits. The problem lies with the parents, not fast food companies. If the parents don’t teach kids right from wrong, what do you expect? It’s not the fast food companies job to make kids healthy. It’s up to parents to make their kids healthy.

    That lawyer needs his head examined. Either that or he’s just desperate for money and fame.

  2. JaySticLe says:


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