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Pull String Airplane

Here is another toy that you need to put together before you can play with it, the Pull String Airplane toy marked Ultrasonic Air Bus B-747. Unlike the new wacky mini bike, you can sort of play with the toy airplane because of string you can pull to make it to spin the wheels and make it drive. Well roll actually, it only really goes straight. At least planes have wheels though, that build a copter with the pull back action sure was dumb. I would’ve preferred the landing bars or whatever they are. But before you can do that, you have to put it together.

Pull String Airplane Parts
No Instructions, I hope I can figure it out.

Easier to build than the build a copter but worse than the wacky new concept bike, it doesn’t take long. Have a look at the finished product.

Pull String Airplane Top
Superman View of the Ultrasonic Air Bus B-747.

Pull String Airplane Front
There is only one blue engine sticker.

Pull String Airplane Side
Probably would make a better model.

Pull String Airplane Underneath
Right behind the wheels is the black pull string to fun.

Before I could try the pull string action, I had to bend the wings up or the wheels wouldn’t touch the ground. Some craftsmanship on the toy plane. At least it has some power when you pull the string as long as you don’t pull the string out too far or else it won’t go back in without some tweaking.

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One Response to “Pull String Airplane”

  1. Gary says:

    Wow, The “Ultrasonic Air Bus B-747”? That for aviation enthusiasts would be like calling the three different things “CONCORDE”, “AIRBUS”, and “BOEING 747”. It would have been a better toy if they added even a propeller with a rubberband wind up or something. When was the last time you saw a drag race between 747’s, actually wait…I did see one recently( )

    Well then maybe this toy worth it if you cant afford 2 real ones at about $200,000,000 a pop.

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