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Toy Story 3 Bowling Game Recalled

With all the issues that have been going on since 2007, you’d think toy makers would be a little more careful in how they make their toys. Are they trying to get away with something or have they just not paid attention to what has been going on with toy recalls the past several years?

This time it’s a Toy Story Bowling Game Rug with Buzz Lightyear on the pack. It comes with one plastic bowling ball, six white plastic bowling pins and a rug to play the game on.

The reason for the recall is the red paint used on the bowling pins. There’s more lead used in the paint than is allowed and is, yet again, a violation of the federal lead paint standard. It was made in China, but imported by G.A. Gertmenian and Sons, LLC located in Los Angeles. All of which is written on the package for verification.

They were sold at Walmart for a couple weeks in September and were $18. I got the bowling set I reviewed before for $1 and it had two plastic bowling balls and 10 plastic bowling pins, but it didn’t have the rug. The red stripe on the bowling set I have was made with some red tape similar to what I would see at the grocery stores used to wrap around cooking bananas so you could tell the difference between the cooking and regular bananas.

Only 600 sets are being recalled so it makes me wonder if it was just a fluke because for something like Toy Story 3, you’d think they’d have made them in the thousands. Another reason I think it may have been a fluke is that customers have been instructed to take their set back to the manufacturer for a free replacement set, which is different than the usual refund offered.

You can see the CPSC report and the picture of the game here.

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