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Man Wins Big In Dollar Store Contest

A New Cumberland man, Charlie Bourque, entered the Shop ‘n Win Millionaire Sweepstakes contest at a Dollar General he frequently shops at and ended up winning the one million dollar prize.

The contest involved making a purchase and then entering the amount on the receipt to an online form on the Dollar General website. He saw the promotion after going in to get a candy bar, usually less than one dollar or even two for one dollar.

When they first called to inform him that he had won, he thought it was a joke and hung up on them. I don’t blame him since radio stations like to make that sort of prank for a laugh.

They called again and sent the paperwork so he went to the Dollar General store to find out if he had won a lesser $10,000 prize in the contest or the million.

I guess that’s one way to get people to shop at dollar stores again. It’s not like he had to spend much money to be entered, all he bought was a candy bar. They were enjoying increased profits recently so they could probably afford a contest with a million dollar grand prize.

It’s a good lesson to enter contests like that. The chances of winning could be good if people, figuring they won’t win, don’t enter.

Read the news article here.

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