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Lego Sales Up While Cheap Toys Shunned

Good news for all you kids who are used to getting dollar or discount store toys for Christmas. According to, British parents are opting for the higher quality toys over the lower quality cheaper toys. This can be for any number of reasons, up to and including, all the toy recalls involving the cheaply made toys.

So, what toys might you get instead of the cheap dollar store toys?

Well, it seems that Lego is having a great year, same with Playmobil. Lego is on par to hit an annual sales record, despite a drop in overall toy sales. Lego has been around for a long time and since their toys are made in Europe, they have control of the overall safety standards instead of relying on standards of the country the toys are imported from.

Lego pieces are also much sturdier and don’t break easily. You’d have to take a hammer to them or something. Even stepping on them merely hurts the foot, not the piece. However, any and all Lego creations can break easily.

There are so many cool Lego sets available like Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars, all of which have video games made about them, but other sets are available. For the boys, there are Sponge Bob Square Pants, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine sets while the girls would be interested in the Belville horse jumping Lego sets.

Lego sets are great since they can be made into many different things and it’s a chance to be creative. They can be disassembled and reconstructed, only limited by the number of pieces you have. Some people have thousands of pieces and make large, detailed Lego creations.

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