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Homemade Guitar Hero Guitar Decoration

Ok, so this isn’t a toy really, but this Guitar Hero guitar was made using construction paper from the dollar store. Inspired by the idea of creating a Guitar Hero looking guitar as a gift idea, I decided to pick up some construction paper from the dollar store in order to make the Guitar Hero guitar decoration look the best it could possibly look. In fact, I think the whole thing came out just so awesome. I mean, put it up to a real Guitar Hero guitar and I can’t tell the difference.

Homemade Guitar Hero Guitar using Dollar Store Construction PaperThe only thing from the dollar store that was used in making this guitar is the construction paper, but that is mostly what you see anyway.

Unfortunately, they had no black construction paper so I had to settle for the slightly more festive appearance. It will fit right in with all the other decorations in December.

Here is what was used:

  • Broom
  • Construction paper, various colors
  • Computer keyboard box
  • Other cardboard box
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • Wrapping paper roll tube
  • Metal coat hanger
  • Pen cap
  • Tape(lots of it)

Sorry for the lack of “the making of” pictures, that wasn’t my concern during the building process. I barely got it done in time as it was. Also, you can’t from this picture, but it’s also about 3 feet tall. Just think of the average sized of a corn bristled broom.

The Base
The broom is literally the backbone of the guitar for stability. The brush part of the broom is contained within the computer keyboard box by cutting a hole on the slim side just big enough for the broom handle to push from the inside out.

Before the keyboard box is taped shut, the coat hanger needs to be cut to make the whammy bar so it can be taped on the inside of the keyboard box. Once it’s taped down from the inside, the whole box can be taped shut. I covered the outside of the keyboard box with yellow construction paper, you can’t see it from this angle.

The flipper on the middle of the base is just a triangle shaped piece of cardboard covered in yellow construction paper that is taped down under the green construction paper. The flimsy cardboard allows for a “playing” feel since it does move back and forth.

The yellow rectangular base looked a little ordinary so I cut out the red and green hourglass shapes and taped those on. No cardboard, just construction paper. Very festive.

Oh, and the pen cap was taped onto the tip of the whammy bar to protect people from cuts, clipped coat hangers are very sharp.

The Top
The top was made with the other cardboard box and taped right on top of the broom handle. A twist tie was used to tighten the wrapping paper tube around the broom handle to keep it from flopping around in the wrapping paper tube since the tube was bigger than the broom handle. A dry erase marker marks the “tuning” spots.

The Handle
The wrapping paper tube is put on over the broom handle and pushed into the keyboard box. This keeps the brush part of the broom from shifting in the keyboard box.

The buttons were made with carefully cut pieces of cardboard with cut pieces of the construction paper making up the colors of the buttons from the actual guitar. The buttons are in the proper order as you see them on a real Guitar Hero guitar. They are taped vertically leaving some space so it feels like the buttons can be pressed for the way you are supposed to hold it.

No glue was used, just lots and lots of tape. Gives it that shiny look in the flash.

It’s a decoration since it’s not meant to be played with.

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3 Responses to “Homemade Guitar Hero Guitar Decoration”

  1. Gary Robert Tinnes says:

    Wow, that is awesome!!! You have talents I never knew you had with regards to artwork!

  2. pooopsicle says:

    this was horrible! it looked ridiculous!

  3. pop says:

    this sucks

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