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Freaky Looking Transformer Not A Toy

This is something you wouldn’t find at any dollar store, even the so-called dollar stores that charge more than a dollar on things.

This new toy is called Homage and it’s a metal robot that transforms into a jet. It’s been said to have similarities to cylons or possibly a variation of a terminator in appearance.

When in robot form it stands almost a foot and a half tall at 17 inches and it’s posable. Just from the image in jet form, it’s tough to make out how it’s a jet, and it looks very sharp and pointy with a possible impalement, laceration or puncture hazard.

It’s by no means meant to be a toy for kids just because it transforms. With a $2000 price tag for a commissioned piece, it would be the kid’s birthday and Christmas presents for the next decade. It would also need to be ordered well ahead of time because it takes 3-4 weeks to deliver. It’s really meant to be a collector’s item more than anything I would think.

But even with the $2000 price tag, if a kid played with that, it definitely has safety issues and, in that respect, it’s similar to a dollar store toy.

Kudos to the creator though, it looks awesome.

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