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Bricks Set Lego 9037

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9037 PartsI’ve had this one just about ready to go for a while now so it’s about time I post it.

This is a Bricks Set, where the ‘S’ at the end of brick is in fact part of the name. While I agree there’s more than one brick so bricks would be in order, the word set typically implies more than one so it’s kind of redundant. It’s most likely a problem with translation. Something this package seems to have an abundance of.

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9037 InstructionsThis Lego knock off set is one of many available sets and each one has enough pieces to make a particular vehicle. In this case, it’s a type of excavator.

The sets come with the instructions necessary to build whatever is shown on the box so they don’t just throw you to the wolves and let you fumble through it, even though it’s not rocket science.

The excavator is listed as coming with a total of 46 pieces, but if you go by the piece picture above(right click on the image and select view image for a larger picture), there are 47 pieces. This is one above what they list, unless they don’t count the Lego man/woman as a piece. Then it has the proper amount.

There are only nine steps to follow before you have your own Lego, I mean Bricks Set, excavator thingy that can drive. The wheels that come with the toy will roll so you can push it around and drive it.

So let’s follow the instructions and see how this baby turns out.

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9037 Built According to the Instructions

Well this is interesting, I followed the instructions exactly and the body is completely independent of the front and rear wheels. This thing isn’t going anywhere.

Let’s take a look at the instructions to see what went wrong.

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9037 Instructions with Bad Steps

Well it seems the problem happened early on when building the bottom. The 4 green pieces were in a row from front to back instead of grouped in twos to connect the front with the body and then the rear with the body. I just rotated the front two and back two 90 degrees so they would connect everything together and then it worked properly.

Here is how it was supposed to turn out.

Bricks Set Lego Pack 9037 Built Properly

Much better! Well as good as you can do for Lego knock offs. If you look at the green base of the finished product, you can see one dividing line whereas the instructions would have three. That’s where the separation was happening.

Bricks Set Lego 9037, 9038 and 9039 make LegotronAs I mentioned earlier, there were several Lego Bricks Sets available, six sets are shown on every box. This is one instance where you might want to collect all six.

This one here is 9037 and if you get that with the 9038 and 9039, you’ll supposedly have enough pieces to make a big robot(shown left).

There’s also a 9040, 9041 and 9042 set that makes some train like thing. I couldn’t find two of the three for that set so I only have the 3x series.

In addition to those two, collect all six and you can make an ever bigger robot.

But really though, they are Legos and you can just make whatever you feel like with what you have available.

Stay tuned for 9038, 9039 and to see if I can make Bricksetron. You get instructions for the small things, but not the group thing.

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