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Xtreme Toy Zone Dinosaur Recall

There’s a voluntary recall of some toy dinosaurs sold on the Xtreme Toy Zone website. The recall is due to, wait for it, a violation in the lead paint standard. The paint on the exterior of the Dinosaur Epoch toys was tested and found to have unacceptable levels of lead paint. See, I told you it would be the last toy recalled for a lead paint standard violation.

There are two models of the dinosaur toys included in this recall, the Dinosaur Brachiosaurus and the Dinosaur Carnotaurus. These dinosaur toys are battery operated. They move around and have sound effects, but they don’t need a remote control. It should be no surprise they were manufactured in China.

Recalled Dinosaur Toys

“If I eat you, will I get lead poisoning?”

They were sold from the Xtreme Toy Zone website from May 2008 till October 2008. The recall is taking back 480 toys, a lower number than usual, so either only that many were made or that many were sold. The suggestion is to take the toy away from the child and return for a refund or an exchange. Since they were being sold for around $20 bucks, most people are probably going to return them for a refund.

The full CPSC report is here.

Now we know what really happened to the dinosaurs. 😉

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