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OKK Army Action Figure Toys Recalled

The OKK Trading army figures were recalled for not being OK, K?

This army figure recall targets dollar stores this time since the figures were only distributed to dollar and discount stores. They weren’t sold at Walmart, Toys R Us or other big name stores. Just over 5,000 of them were available.

The army figures in question are being recalled for violating the lead paint standard. The surface paint on the face contains high amounts of lead. The figures are about seven and a half inches tall and come with gun accessories. Although the image shows four of them, it’s not mentioned if it’s a four pack or there are four available.

OKK Trading’s not OK toy army figures
“Alright, men apply toxic face paint. They touch us, they die!”

I think I might have seen these particular toys before at the Dollar Bazaar, a local store, and considered picking them up to add to my action figure section but passed on them for the faces being painted with thick paint that looks like it will melt and drip off if the figures get warm. If these are in fact the ones I saw, they are individually pack and they are just showing the four available figures.

Luckily no one was reported hurt, but with it being a lead paint issue, effects probably won’t be known for some time. They were made in China and people are instructed to contact OKK Trading to get their money back or a toy to replace it. Given the choice, people would most likely rather the money.

Read the full report from the CPSC here.

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