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Transformers Fan To Sell Collection

I know some collectors and one of the worst things you can force a collector to do is sell their collection. They spend a lot of time, energy and money to acquire items and products on a theme, only to have them get rid of it for one reason or another.

This is what happened to Shane Fenton when his wife stepped in and insisted he sell his £200,000 Transformers collection to help pay off his mortgage, and of course, free up some space where they live since collections like this tend to take up plenty of room.

He states needing more room but in order to get a bigger place he would need the money from selling them, but fortunately for him, he sees it as necessary for the future.

His only stipulation is that someone buys the entire thing and appreciates them because he doesn’t want them opened and played with. Once they are opened, they would no longer be collectibles. I’m sure it would be tough to find a buyer though, not a lot of people would have that kind of money to spend.

I never liked trying to build any sort of collection. I never wanted to shell out the amounts of money needed to make a worthy collection. That and I don’t have the desire to put up with the frustration in trying to find the missing items of my collection.

Read the details of the sale story here.

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