Reviews of Cheap Toys and More

Toy Gun And Artillery Videos

Since toy guns and the like can have varying degrees of success ranging from actually works to completely useless, I have posted videos showing how these toys work and whether or not they work well or don’t work well at all.

Not all of the videos are going to be toy guns and will include other toy gun-ish toys because, so far, there just aren’t that many around.

Boxing Glove Gun

The boxing glove mounted on a hand gun with the trigger making it punch. Watch it in action as it takes down a variety of targets.

Disc Blaster

Unfortunately this disc blaster only fires soft foam discs which is unlike the ones I remember when I was a kid that fired tiny plastic discs. In a couple trials, one went well and the other had some problems, mainly with foam dart jamming while reloading.

SWAT Force Dart Gun

This is a mini version of one of the first toys I had for the website and was surprised at how well it worked. The original SWAT gun, where both were made by the same company, only came with a bigger gun and some dart bullets. Watch it work in this video.

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