Reviews of Cheap Toys and More

Toy Gadget Videos

Handheld devices like cell phones and other things are usually made into toys so kids can pretend they are just as important as their parents when they see their parents walking around with and using such devices.

Here are the ones I have already posted videos for.

Batman Cell Phone Toy

This video shows how the Batman cell phone toy works. It has a sliding cover that snaps open when you press the button. Each button on the phone cycles through a list of sound effects added to the phone.

Delta Force Talking Scanner

The scanner only has one long sound effect that plays when you press the button on the side of the device.

Spiderman Cellphone Toy


The Spiderman cell phone works much like the Batman cell phone toy only it is a flip phone rather than having the sliding cover. Any button pressed on the phone will cycle through the list of sounds added to the phone.

Toy BlackBerry

Showing the BlackBerry toy in operation, which looks like a BlackBerry 7290, only certain buttons can be pressed however each button has a different sound effect.

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