Reviews of Cheap Toys and More

Gaming And Sports Videos

These videos aren’t about getting a football or soccer ball and kicking it around, they are about handheld or table top sporting toys that you can get from the dollar stores. Many of which are pocket or mini versions of the real thing. These are good for kids because they can easily take them anywhere.

Many sports have handheld versions and the ones I have videos for are posted below. Only the pocket basketball game was posted on here before. The rest, and any future videos will be posted on here for the first time.

Team Power Battle Tops

This video tests out the Battle Top game using the two launchers to fire the battling tops into the arena that reminds people of an ash tray. Several battles are shown with varying results.

Mini Magnetic Dart Board

The mini dart board darts have little magnets on the tips that allow them to stick to the magnetic dart board. This video shows the dart board in action.

Pocket Basketball Game

The pocket basketball game is a fold up game that allows you to launch the basketballs into the net. This is a video trial of the game and includes setting up the game from pocket mode.

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