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Dinotron Videos

The Dinotrons are a group of transforming dinosaurs which remind me of the Dinobots from Hasbro’s Transformers, but are hardly those transformers. There are also only four Dinotrons and there are five Dinobots. The Dinotrons don’t have a pterodactyl version like the Dinobot Swoop.

These videos will mainly be in the form of showing the transformation of the toys, unless I come up with something more interesting to do with them.

Bronto Tron

See the brontosaurus Dinotron transforming from the brontosaurus to robot form in under a minute. The head is in a very awkward spot.

Stego Tron

The shortest video and currently the least popular of the Dinotrons, this video shows the Stego Tron transforming from the stegosaurus into a robot.

Tri Top Tron

Watch the transformation from a triceratops to a robot and then not be able to stand up very well unless under very specific circumstances. You could probably use the dinosaur legs as a form of stilts since they differ from the robot legs when done transforming.

Tyranno Tron

This Dinotron is currently the most popular Dinotron on Youtube by far beating out the other three combined in views. Although it was pointed out I missed transforming a certain part of the Tyranno Tron in that video.

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