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Toy BlackBerry

There are many toys on the market that are made in the likeness of many things not intended for children. These toys allow the kids to pretend to be an adult and using such things without the danger of using the real ones.

Dollar Store BlackBerryWith so many people having a mobile gadget like a cellular phone or BlackBerry, it’s no wonder toys in its likeness would be made. Although the danger is quite low of using a real cell phone or BlackBerry, kids lack the responsibility to use them properly and just plain don’t need them.

But face it, when your 4 year old sees you typing away on your BlackBerry, they are going to want to copy you. But this isn’t just any BlackBerry toy, its the BlackBerry toy from a dollar store.

The dollar store BlackBerry toy was modeled after the BlackBerry 7000 series of BlackBerries and the screen of the toy is a carbon copy except for the icon placement.
Dollar Store BlackBerry BlackBerry 7290
The BlackBerry Toy(left) compared to the BlackBerry 7290(right)

The screen is one of those stickers that shows you 2 different things depending on how you lok at it. In this case, you have the main screen icons and the other is a friends list.

Dollar Store BlackBerry Friends List Dollar Store BlackBerry Icons
Looks like this BlackBerry could have used a screensaver

It has the “QWERTY” keyboard and you can press some of the buttons to makes sounds. After the issue with the toy cell phone, I decided to make sure this one worked before picking it up. It had one of those “try me” tabs so I was able to.

Dollar Store BlackBerry QWERTY Keyboard
You can’t even make a word with the buttons that you can press!

You can only press the white buttons, the rest are just for show. Unlike the Spiderman flip phone toy and the Batman cell phone toy, each button that does work on the BlackBerry has a different sound. You can’t really spell out any words with the working buttons, but I guess that’s fine since there are countless acronyms you can make with them. Or use that zero button as an “O”.

There’s a blue one to!

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2 Responses to “Toy BlackBerry”

  1. Christine Stefani says:

    Please help me by letting me know what dollar store and where I might be able to obtain the “toy Blackberry”
    Thanks a million. Need in about a week.

  2. Mike says:

    I got mine at one of the smaller dollar stores and out of all the dollar stores I have been to, it was the only place I found one(mind you I may have glossed over them at other stores after I found that one because I didn’t need one after that).

    If the dollar store has the toy cell phones or other gadget items then they might be able to get the blackberry toys. The one I got doesn’t show anything on the screen except what is already there and only some of the buttons make sounds.

    The big dollar stores will have a higher selection, but sometimes the smaller stores get the unique stuff. You might need to stop into any dollar store you come across. There are several all over the place where I am, either big stores or within plazas.

    Just keep in mind the lead paint issues, the nice silver on the one shown above was painted on.

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