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The Force Trainer Biosensing Game

I think the first thing I should point out with this Star Wars toy is that it isn’t a dollar store toy at all, in case the “biosensing” in the title wouldn’t have been the first clue. I mean come on, a biosensing dollar store toy, am I right?

Anyway, Mark Baard, who writes for, got a look at a picture of the game and that was all it took to get him hooked.

The game consists of a headset that reads the brainwaves of the wearer which operates a fan that blows a ball to the top of a clear chamber. The harder you concentrate, the faster the fan spins and the higher the ball goes. It’s as simple as that, although, it’s mentioned that the concentration need not be directed at the ball or fan for it to work.

The Force Trainer features the voice of Yoda as the trainer for the game and it offers 15 levels where the player starts as a Padawan and works their way up to Jedi Master. It’s supposed to be out in August and is expected to cost about $130 and, if you’re in Hanover, MA, why not check out South Shore’s #1 toy store The Toy Box, it’s rumored to show up there.

I hope they come out with a Sith Lord version. Who wouldn’t want Darth Vader teaching them the dark side? I don’t remember any recent Star Wars games involving Yoda teaching you the Jedi way, but I do remember Star Wars the Force Unleashed where you are Darth Vader’s apprentice. That’s right, people would rather play the latter.

Here’s an idea for the Sith version of the Force Trainer, have a fan at the top in addition to the bottom and if you concentrate hard enough, the ball gets sent up into the fan at the top and it gets zinged. That or something along those lines.

Would you rather have Yoda teaching you the force or Darth Vader?

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