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Recall On Buckyballs Magnet Sets

Well, it shouldn’t be too hard to hazard a guess as to why a set of magnets is being recalled in a similar way it wouldn’t be too hard to guess why lead water bottles might be recalled.

The magnetic toy set is called Buckyballs. It’s a set of 216 high powered spherical magnets that can be put together in many different ways, shapes and patterns. So basically, it’s 216 magnets a child can swallow. However, this “toy” isn’t meant for children younger than 13, at least it used to be that way.

While someone 13 or older should be careful with children around, the recall is actually due to a slight change in the toy standards rules.

The toys were being sold between March 2009 and March 2010. They are now being recalled because on August 17th 2009, the toy standard rule for selling high powered magnets went from 13+ to not under 14. This caused a problem because the package lists the Buckyballs for ages 13+, below the minimum age for the new toy standard age minimum.

Complete sets of the Buckyballs listing ages 13+ can be returned to Maxfield and Oberton in New York for a refund. You don’t have to return it if you don’t want to, just don’t get caught selling it at a garage sale years down the road.

It’s illegal to sell or resell toys that have been recalled.

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