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Woodstock Percussion Toy Drum Recall

Well, it’s Christmas Day and kids everywhere have already opened their presents. Hopefully they got all that they wanted this year and hopefully they didn’t get this toy drum that is part of the most recent toy recall.

The Calypso Steel Drums made by Woodstock Percussion Inc. in Shokan N.Y. have been recalled for a lead paint standard violation. They used paint on the surface that contains high levels of lead in the paint. Oddly enough, they weren’t made in China, they were made in Trinidad.

The surface of the drum is painted black with the notes clearly indicated. The sides of the drum are painted red. It also comes with two drum sticks and a wooden stand. The rim has a #5 or #6 stamped on the side. Apparently, only some of the #5 models are being recalled. It’s not mentioned how to tell the difference.

The recalled Calypso Steel Drum

They were sold out of mail order catalogues, from websites and some retail stores from December 2006 till December 2007. These drums were pretty costly, ranging from $50 to $100 and only about 2,800 were recalled.

The usual solution is in effect, take the toy away from the child and return it to the manufacturer however, there’s no mention of a refund. Instead, people will get a replacement drum and a $5 credit/payment and I find that a little frustrating. For $50 to $100, they should have the option for a refund and what if the replacement is bad to?

Find the full CPSC report here.

All we need now is a recalled toy microphone to go along with the recalled Rage Wireless Guitar and you can make the toy version of Rock Band or the newest Guitar Hero game. It would be the version of the damned though since they were all recalled.

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