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Mattel To Pay Civil Penalty

It looks like something is finally being done about toy safety issues with another toy company being issued a civil penalty. reports that Mattel has to pay a civil penalty for violating the lead paint standards in their toys with Fisher Price included in that penalty.

As with the OKK trading civil penalty, the CPSC alleges that Mattel did it with knowledge of the violation, but Mattel basically claims it was an oversight and worked to stop the problem once discovered. But did they only do that because they were discovered?

Mattel, in agreement with the CPSC, has to pay a sum of $2.3 million dollars. It’s the largest fine against a toy company and it’s intended to send a message to other toy companies to make sure they follow the standards or something will be done about it. Something should be done about it since Mattel had to recall more than 21 million dangerous toys imported from China.

By the way, it doesn’t really matter if the Mattel one was issued before the OKK Trading so don’t bother pointing it out.

Guess we’ll have to see which toy company will get the next civil penalty. At least the reason won’t be a surprise, the violation of lead level standards seems to be the safe bet.

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