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I have posted my fair share of bootleg/knock off toys over the years, but all in all, I just show toys you can get at dollar stores. Some of them are bootlegs, some of them aren’t.

If you want to see more bootlegs/knock off toys, and I mean some really bad ones, you should check out It’s all bootlegs, all the time.

I thought I had some pretty funny bootlegs, until I went here. Mine are still good, and seemingly undiscovered, but there are so many bootleg toys here it will keep you busy for hours.

The chest light found on a few of the toys I have shown isn’t an isolated occurrence. Many toys shown there include that for some reason.

There are several categories of toys including Batman, Superman and Spiderman meaning there are several toys found with the likeness or obvious similarities to them and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can’t help but laugh seeing the Spidarmen or Patman, yes Patman with a ‘P’, toys. Another great is the Imitator toy, a bootleg of the Terminator, but I can’t ruin all the surprises.

I always knew all the good bootlegs are in the USA or Mexico.

Do yourself a favor and go check out the Bootleg Action Figures website.

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