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Knocking Off Website

Knocking off is a website that posts a lot of funny bootleg products from a wide variety of sources. Anything that is a blatant trademark infringement seems to be fair game on this website and they have plenty of really good examples posted on their blog.

The site is run by Robert Cop and Special Man, knock offs of Robocop and Superman if you needed to know who they were knock offs of.

The most notable categories they have on their website include video games, products, movies and TV. Don’t worry, they have a toy category to and the toy category has more than double of the entries the 2nd highest category has in it

I don’t even think I can describe knock off toys they have showing there. There are plenty of toys which are combinations of two or more things that you just have to see to believe.

You’ll just have to go and check it out,

They also take submissions if you happen to have any funny knock off items you want people to see, but have no other way to get them online. Unless you have some toy related knock offs, then feel free to send them here.

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