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Bad English On Dollar Store Toys

Since many of the cheap toys you find at dollar stores are made in China, chances are you’re going to get some bad translation written on the packages, included in the instructions and sometimes on the toys themselves where they feel some instructions are necessary.

Websites, such as, host an assortment of bad English wherever they can find it. They can be very funny when they’re translated wrong, but is it fair to pick on people from another country for poor translation? I wouldn’t be able to piece together anything coherent in another language. Could you?

They probably have to translate to languages other than English for other countries so it’s probably tough to keep everything straight, but when you think about it, why don’t they hire someone who is well versed in reading and writing in English to prepare anything written on packages? At the very least they can have someone on staff that can proofread and correct any mistakes.

Anyway, here are some of the examples of bad English in a compilation I have come across in my cheap dollar store toy travels.


The Frisbee Game

The picture is from the top surface of the Frisbee itself. This one isn’t such a good example of the poor grammar issues, but it still sounds kind of weird.

However, it would be a good use for the Captain Picard face palm images you can find.

Star Trek Enterprise Frisbee Game Bad English

Toys Basketball

On the backside of the package are these how to use instructions. It reminds me of grammar on the Lolcat pictures.

Toys Basketball Bad English

Bricks Sets

This is shown on the front side of each package. This one is really tough to wrap your head around.

Bricks Sets Package Bad English One

This is shown on the back side of each package. Some don’t really make any sense and some are so close to being fine.

Bricks Sets Package Bad English Five

Build A Toy Helicopter

These are the instructions on how to build the Build A Copter toy.

Build A Copter Bad English Instructions

Below is what is says since it is small in the picture. You can click the image to see the full picture as well.

At assemble others that process inside. If feel difficult, [please] face home to look for the help. The sketch map possibility that this assemble the method is different from the actual product have a little bit.

That one just makes my brain hurt to read.

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