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11 Inch Army Soldier Accessory Set

11 Inch Army GuyWell, it looks like the 11 inch army guy is going to get a makeover. I found an equipment pack for 11 inch army soldiers at a new dollar store I went to. I have not seen any other 11, 11.5 or 12 inch army figures at any of the dollar stores I have been to since the first one I picked up, so you can probably imagine my surprise when I actually found an accessory set for one. They didn’t give him anything good in the original package so they make you have to spend another buck on better gear and equipment.

Here’s the rundown of the old and new equipment.

Photo Equipment List
11 Inch Army Guy’s Old Uniform Old Gear Includes:

  • Crappy Looking Camouflage Jump Suit
  • Cloth Hat
  • Cloth Belt
  • Two Unmatching boots
11 Inch Army Guy’s New Clothes and Gear New Gear Include:

  • Better Looking Camouflage Jump Suit
  • Plastic Helmet
  • Plastic Belt
  • Two Matching Boots
  • Machine Gun

Aside from the machine gun, which is new, everything else is just an upgraded version of what he already had. Well, I suppose getting a gun from not having a gun could be an upgrade.

Have a look at the new look compared to the old.

11 Inch Army Guy Old Look 11 Inch Army Guy New Look

Looking a bit more credible now, he’s done away with his old gear and wears the new gear. Still looks too happy though.

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