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Toy Safety Information Website Listed On Milk Cartons

Milk is a source of lots of vitamins and minerals. It’s great for baking, adding to coffee for people who need caffeine but don’t like the taste of coffee or for drowning your favorite cereal or oatmeal. It’s also good to add things to milk like chocolate or strawberry syrup. On milk cartons, you can find nutritional information, pictures of missing children and now, toy safety information and a website kids can go to for toy safety information.

The Tory Record reports over 1.5 million half-pint milk containers now have safety information about toys. With all the toys that have been recalled, there’s a good chance some are still around. Even with all the internet buzz and news reports, some people might still have those toys. It’s another way to promote awareness about dangerous and potentially dangerous toys.

They know it’s a slim chance that kids will actually visit the websites, but it might promote discussion with parents and they hope it gets kids drinking more milk. They’re also hoping to add that information to bigger cartons and other brands to broaden the awareness. The advertising already done is covered by the state so, for now, the cost looks like it won’t be going up.

Read the full story here.

It sounds like a neat idea, although it seems to be more worthwhile for parents than the kids. If they want to make it more interesting to kids, they should make them collectible cards you get off the milk cartons. The Recalled Toys collectible cards and subsequent card game associated with it, like they do with other cards. Games like the Yu-Gi-Oh monster card game. Now that would be something to see.

Recalled Toy Monsters:
“I play the Nerf Blaster +1 card and attack your toy speed boat.”

See, who says you can’t have fun with recalled toys?

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