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Mini Labyrinth Game

Labyrinth GameFinally, a real version of the Labyrinth game I was talking about from a past post about the Labyrinth Game Challenger similar to the board game Operation. That one needed a metal rod to navigate the Labyrinth where coming in contact with the sides produced a light or sound.

Unlike that interesting yet lame version of Labyrinth, leave it to Dollarama to stock what I was actually thinking about. This labyrinth game requires tilting the board to get the ball from the starting point to the finish without it falling into one of the holes along the way. You have two balls. Some Labyrinth boards allow you to tilt the actual playing field to navigate, but Labyrinth has a couple of knobs on the side the player turns to tilt the playing field.

The Labyrinth game is only 8cm by 7cm so the playing field is a little less than that. It’s a mini one, about the size of a Nintendo DS screen, but should still be good assuming it actually works.

Labyrinth Game
Smaller than what you see on the screen.

This Labyrinth game is going to be a big challenge because of all the holes. Wait a minute – not all of those dark spots on the playing field are holes. Of the 37 dark spots on the Labyrinth board, only 9 of them are actual holes where you can lose. The rest are just dark spots that you are supposed to go around while following the dotted line from start to finish. What was their reasoning on that one? It was only a dollar, so let’s only have 9 holes? If they want a real challenge, pay more?

Sure, you are supposed to follow the path but who is going to say “Gee I rolled over the dark spot, better start over”. Not gonna happen. Make it fall in a hole if you want me to lose. You might confuse them for a real hole at first and think “Oh crap, a hole, better go around” until you realize they are smaller than the real holes and really just cheat circles. I guess they just expect you to use the honor system, stopping if you screw up. Why else would you have cheat circles on there?

Labyrinth Holes
The red circles are the real holes, the black circles are just painted on.

If you read the other post, you will remember I looked up what a Labyrinth actually is and found that it is not just another word for maze. It is supposed to be one path. This labyrinth has any number of ways to get to the end, so it is not even a real Labyrinth. Sure, you have a dotted path on the playing field but that does not make it a Labyrinth. It is still a maze. It is a maze with a suggested path from start to finish. There are also numbers along the path starting from 1 and ending at 57. Is that supposed to be your score? Yes I can 57 if I win?

Labyrinth Game Cheat Path
Here’s the direct path for smart people.

Alright, let’s try this bugger out to see if it works and if so, can I succeed?

Well it does work, but since it’s a smaller board, it’s tougher if you are trying to stay on the path. However, it’s easier than the big boards since there are only nine real holes.

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