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Magnetic Dart Boards Recalled, um, reports another unsafe toy recall.

The toy being recalled is the Fun ‘n Safe brand dart board with magnetic darts available at the Family Dollar stores. The reason for the recall is not lead paint related but rather the magnets on the darts can fall off the dart. If children find these detached magnets, they might pick them up and swallow them. This will cause internal problems, especially if more than one is swallowed since they could attract each other internally and do more damage.

If you have the Fun ‘n Safe magnetic dart board, take it from your children and return it to the Family Dollar store to get a refund since they are not really safe. In fact, if you have any magnetic dart boards it would probably be a good idea to take those away to and dispose of them. Many children have needed surgery to remove swallowed magnets making the toy not fun either.

This is going to make the review on the desktop dart board set with magentic darts all the more pointless.

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