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Land of Nod Xylophone Toy Recall

I’m a little behind on toy recall reporting so the next little while will be catching up on whats been going on in the recall sector this past little while. Looks like there’s been eight CPSC recalls since my last reported recall.

This time it’s a xylophone, one of those ones on wheels that you can pull along, and it’s being recalled for a choking hazard. The pegs can break and be swallowed by children.

Recalled Land Of Nod XylophoneAt the time of recall, there were 22 broken peg reports, but no one filed an injury report. The recall affects about 500 units that were last sold in March of 2008 from the Land of Nod Catalogue, their website and various store, so it’s kind of late since it was almost a year ago they were even last sold.

As usual, it’s best to take them away from the kids. You can return it to the company and get a purchase price credit (it was about $45) and a gift certificate worth $10.

At a first glance, you’d think there would be a lead paint issue, I mean honestly, it looks like it’s made of candy. Look at the pinwheel sucker wheels, licorice lace pull string and the xylophone sticks look like Chupa Chups. Kids are probably sucking on the thing.

Watch the flash animation on the Chupa Chups website and see if you can count the number of possible copyright infringements. So far, I recognize the Rolling Stones(Lolling Stones?), Star Wars, Apple Computers(Pear?), Back to the Future, Pac-Man, Bill Clinton and possibly the Spice Girls.

Oh, and if you care, they were made in China.

View the full CPSC recall report here.

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