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Frisbee Game

This has been one long winter. Just when it starts to warm up and the snow starts to melt, it gets cold again and another foot of snow gets dumped on us. One way to beat the winter blues is to imagine yourself somewhere warm. I was saving for the summer to post, but I need a winter pick me up. Thinking of being out in the nice weather tossing a flying disc around is definitely better than the 6 foot tall snow banks at the end.

Frisbee GameThe frisbee game is “the happy game with a throw and catch”. Actually, it’s just a part plastic and rubber frisbee, but don’t count it out yet! When you play the game “you will get some physical training and boundless delight from the game”. They know what they’re talking about! With the way a frisbee flies, you are bound to get walking in just to get it.

You’ll be happy to know it comes in green to!

But, what’s that on the top of the frisbee?

Enterprise D on the Frisbee Game

It’s none other than the Enterprise D from Star Trek The Next Generation!

In fact, the whole thing reminds me of the Star Trek Enterprise opening. You have the space shot, the astronauts, the shuttle and of course an Enterprise.

Holding the Frisbee GameSo, when you put aside the Enterprise, astronauts, shuttles and space, how well does it work? Well, I did not try it out. It’ll probably get lost in a snow drift or something. There are enough of them around. I’ll wait till summer arrives and all the snow is melted. It’s a drag I will only get some exercise but I am looking forward to the delight without boundaries.

Oh come on, even for one of the dollar store toys, it probably works. Too bad there were no dollar store chakrums.

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