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Be Careful Selling Or Donating Old Toys

One has many options at their disposal when it comes to dealing with an owned toy that is being recalled for any of the several reasons toys have been recalled for lately. Some people simply throw the toy out, other people exchange it for a different item and the rest get a refund where available, if the refund is worth the time and money to get.

One thing you shouldn’t do with a recalled toy is try to sell it.

Garage sales are great to clear out some old junk and make some money on the side, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission have the power to monitor garage and other sales of that type to ensure any toys that have been recalled aren’t being sold. Anyone caught selling any toys that were recalled in the past could go to jail reports Bob Barr from the Barr Code.

I guess it would depend on the situation on what could happen, but saying you didn’t know you couldn’t do that isn’t going to get you off the hook. In fact, it would probably get you in more trouble since that would be a common excuse. It’s as they say, ignorance of the law doesn’t make it ok. Toys being sold on the internet are also being watched so that’s not a safe option either if you’re trying to sell.

Even donating toys is getting tougher because of the recalled toys. It’s just slightly a slap in the face to the kids “Here you go, a cheap toy that might put your eye out or stunt your mental development, enjoy”.

Since it’s the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulating this sort of this, you should probably check their website for all recalled toys if you plan on donating or selling toys. It’s not that big of a list although the first recall was back in the 1970s.

That sort of thing is probably just going to deter people from donating toys. I know I wouldn’t want to try and do something good like donate toys only to find out something I donated was recalled and I look bad for donating a bad toy.

I don’t think you can get into trouble for donating a recalled toy, but it would most certainly be frowned upon, defeating the purpose of the donation in the first place. Any toys known or are suspected of being bad would just be kept out of circulation.

Would this keep you from donating or selling old toys?

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