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Anakin Isn’t The Chosen One You’re Looking For – SWFOTF

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I have posted one of these because I have been busy. Not much of a page of the week.

Anyway, this is the first non-maze activity I have posted. The mazes were just so much more fun, but there were others like this one that weren’t mazes and quite funny.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace introduced many fans to the midi-chlorians which were microscopic organisms that lived in people’s cells.

According to the Star Wars Wikia, a normal human has about 2,500 per cell and the highest one known belonged to Anakin Skywalker with over 20,000.

Now here is the activity, the midi-chlorian count. You have to count how many midi-chlorians Qui-Gon found in Anakin’s blood.

Midichlorian Count Activity

The answer is 74.

So Qui-Gon finds 74 and decides it should be sent off to Obi-Wan and his reading says it is over 20,000 from the equipment on the ship.

Again, the wiki page talks about how the testing was prone to fault and how Wil Jhonems, the marketing guy for Spotts Tradechip Company who makes the tradechips, stated that the concept of midi-chlorians is unclear to them. They don’t know what they are looking for so they probably multiplied the reading or just gave a random number just to sell more units.

This is Anakin with a 74 midi-chlorian count.

Ah, some of the stuff people put on YouTube.

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