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Recalled Toy Tank For Melting Controller

ok, I’ve been lazy since getting back to college. I’ve decreased work a little and increased school and homework by quite a bit. Anyway, might as well start with some recalls this year.

The Target Practice Tank Play Set was recalled because the battery powered controller used to move the tank, back and forth, and to rotate the turret has a tendency to overheat and melt. This has some obvious issues with burning people and it poses a burn hazard.

Target Practice Tank

The tank requires 3 AAA batteries to run and it was probably a poorly designed system, common in cheap toys, that leads to the burn hazard. Poorly designed electrical systems without the proper safeguards have that kind of problem, whether it be a house, car or toy. If the toy comes with batteries, I can’t tell if they do, the batteries themselves are probably the same cheap toy batteries that came with my toy cell phone and they have their own problems with acid leakage.

About 67,000, units are being recalled and they were sold at Family Dollar stores in North Carolina for $5. They were made in China and imported to North Carolina.

Fortunately no one was reported injured by these controllers, but they should be taken away from children before they do and they should be returned to Family Dollar for a full refund.

For the full details, read the CPSC report.

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