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Lego IR Remote Controls Recalled

Hey, something Lego is being recalled and it isn’t for a choking hazard. With its tiny blocks, I long suspected a choking hazard warning would eventually come up since those blocks could fit down a child’s throat.

Recalled Lego Power Functions IR Remote ControlThe recall doesn’t have to do with a block choking hazard though. It’s about a burn hazard for remote controls used with a train kit.

Lego Systems Inc is recalling about 1,600 Power Functions IF Remote Controls because it needs batteries and the batteries can overheat with almost a half a dozen reports of them overheating. Thankfully no one had the opportunity to yell out “BURN” a la Michael Kelso.

They were sold out of the Lego catalogs and on their website in April and May of this year, 2009, for 13 bucks and they went along with the Emerald Night Train and the Power Functions kit.

People who purchased the remote control should contact Lego Systems Inc to find out if their unit was part of the recall, usually determined through a serial number or something, and they can get it replaced if they got a bad one.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has the full report here.

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