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Spiderman Washing Windows in China

I thought this was an amusing post since many of the dollar store Spiderman toys, all the ones I have reviewed so far, come from China. It seems they get Spiderman to do many wacky things there. It might explain some of the toys that I found at the dollar store.

Take a look at these pictures of Spiderman washing windows in China. Actually, if you look carefully, in the first picture you can see a second set of Spiderman hands washing the windows. I guess they got several workers to put on the Spiderman costumes for the cleaning. It would’ve been really neat to see the Spidermen cleaning the windows from the inside or outside. Apparently, having the workers wear the Spiderman costumes was done for a guest to make the cleaning more interesting. Not bad, but it makes me wonder what task they would get their workers to dress up as Batman for?

But, if that wasn’t enough, there’s a link off that post to a young man in Singapore named Batman Bin Suparman(with picture of the birth certificate). Can you imagine growing up with that kind of name? Other than it being an oddity that both names end with “man”, you probably wouldn’t get made fun of. It’s not clear what the parent’s last name is and I am not sure how naming goes in Singapore, but wouldn’t the last name need to be the last name of the parents? I doubt the last name is Suparman.

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