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New Website Design

I decided to go for a new website design to upgrade the old one. This is still the same website with the same owner. I know I haven’t been posting a lot in the past long while, but as I mentioned in a previous post, Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode kept me busy for quite a while and then a friend of mine mentioned a Minecraft version that came out for PS3 and talked me into starting that. For a game that doesn’t look all that great with not a lot to do at a first glance, it sure can keep you busy. Especially when you have projects in the game you are working on. I just liked the exploring and mining at first, but then I started working on projects. That and working a lot has kept me away.

Anyway, I knew the website needed a new look and thought the new look would help get me back into posting again. I was just too busy to focus on it before and I needed help with the design since I wasn’t a designer, so I enlisted the help of the guys at to help me with that. They are currently making a new website so there is a splash page at the moment, but eventually it will be a new website. We sorted out what I was hoping for with the new design and for the most part the new design is up, but some details are being worked out as they come up. They are very helpful and work to get everything working for you. All you have to do is ask and they will present you with the options you have and they do their best to find a working solution for any problem.

I also wanted to have a forum added so people can talk and discuss things outside the individual posts about anything dollar store, bootlegs or just whatever is going on or on their minds. Stayed tuned for details on when that is up and running since I am trying to sort out what categories I want on there. When it is ready, I will write a post that it is up and running and list any information people might need when using it.

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