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Cadmium Tainted Toys Given As Reward

When you’re a kid, going to the doctor or the dentist can be quite a traumatic experience. Many doctor and dentist offices have a supply of candy or toys as a reward after the visit so the kids leave with a smile. That way, hopefully they will remember they got something good so it wasn’t all that bad of an experience.

Dentists usually give some form of sugar free candy and I’m not sure about doctors, lollipop maybe. The rewards differ from office to office I would imagine.

Well it seems that some offices have been giving away children’s jewelry which has been tested and found to contain cadmium. That’s really something parents don’t even want to think about is possibly going on.

The jewelry in question are the Happy Charm Bracelets. They are colored beads on a string with a metal charm. Some have a cutesy charm for girls and others have a manly football for boys. Almost 70,000 were recalled overall and they were being given away for about five years.

If you have any of them, just throw them away.

It’s one thing to avoid buying something, it’s another when they are given to you and you expect them to be safe.

You’ve been given a fair warning.

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