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Spiderman Toy Car

It has been a while since I have posted a Spiderman dollar store toy and it’s the first time in a long time I have posted a racing toy. Yeah, you thought you could forget about the new concept bike, but I brought it back. You can thank me later.

So without further delay, let’s take a look at the Spiderman Car.

Spiderman Car Side View

The Spiderman Car is one of those toys you wonder why they decided to make it. It serves no purpose in regards to Spiderman. Unless Spiderman had a car in the comics I am not aware of, he didn’t have on in the movie or the cartoons that I ever saw. All he had in the movie was that moped and he seemed to walk everywhere in the cartoon, when he was not webslinging of course. So why is there a Spiderman Car?

Spiderman Car Front View Spiderman Car Back View

Well, I guess after looking at it, it’s probably not Spiderman’s car. It’s most likely a fan of Spiderman who tricked up his ride with Spiderman stickers/decals.

The Spiderman Car is one of the bigger toys I could find. It is not like one of the mini Hot Wheels car toys. It doesn’t have the pull back action but it feels like it has some mechanics when you push it, although it seems to make it go slower. All you can customize on the car are the side mirrors. The trunk, hood and none of the doors open. Someone thought that the car actually had suspension but it turns out it was just the plastic bending. How disappointing, but highly expected.

Spiderman Car Windshield

This is the windshield of the Spiderman car. Apparently, the dude and his friend decided to dress up as Spiderman but what’s the deal with the skyscraper background? These are just the weirdest looking Spidermen I have ever seen. They give “drive you up the wall” a whole new meaning.

Spiderman Car Side Door

Here is the driver side door of the Spiderman car. Both sides are the same. This is the “Sporc Edocion”. I think they mean the “sport edition”. Now you have the Spidermen webslinging through the city on what is supposed to be the window. How about a side view of the drivers?

More webslinging on the door and Mary Jane makes an appearance. Totally ripped off from the Spiderman movie.

City Nimrods with the Spiderman Car

Here is a shot of the City Nimrods next to the car. They just have to fight the two guys already in the car if they want it. I think they can take them. And once the Nimrods get the car, if their headlights ever go out, they can always use their chest lights. Why the heck do they have those?

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